For Josefina's bedding, I used off-white felt and cut it into a sheepskin shape. Although the full-sized Josefina has a bed, I found this a little too hard to contemplate making. In fact, it is even more historically accurate to just have this type of bed for her. I sewed on black twine so that the "sheepskin" and the blankets can be rolled together and tied. This was probably about the easiest thing in her collection to make, because nothing needed to be hemmed or sewed (other than the small piece of black twine). [Note: The "sheepskin" looks transparent in the picture at right, but that's because I used a scanner, which shined a bright light behind it. It's actually not see-through. :)]
The two blankets were made quite differently. The one on the far left is made out of what I was told was "backing" material. It was a loose weave and looked like a woven blanket! I embellished it with some zig-zagging on the sewing machine. The middle blanket is of "normal" material. For both of the blankets, I sewed material doubled up along the long side, flipped it right side out, finished off the ends, and fringed them to make them look woven. Any time you fringe the end of something, it's a good idea to sew along the edges twice, to keep it from unraveling too much.
For night-time, instead of making pajamas you can remove Josefina's skirt. Her shirt is not as long as the large doll's shirt is, but she does come with very modest undies.
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