How did you do?

The ages of the dolls below are approximate, but except for Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly, I tended to purchase dolls the year that they were released. (Quiz made in 2005--so add on to the ages if you play after 2005!)

A) Addy -- 12 years old
B) Felicity -- 14 years old
C) Josefina -- 8 years old/made in China
D) Kirsten -- 15 years old
E) Kit -- 5 years old/made in China
F) Molly -- 16 years old
G) Samantha -- 13 years old

In order of age:

Molly is 16 years old
Kirsten is 15 years old
Felicity is 14 years old
Samantha is 13 years old
Addy is 12 years old
Josefina is 8 years old
Mattel bought AG seven years ago, so . . .
Kit is 5 years old and the only post-Mattel doll

Thanks for playing!