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Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook

Geared toward teenagers and adults newly diagnosed, Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook takes the reader on a journey through learning to make food fun again, read labels, shop, deal with others, and much more. Not a recipe book or cookbook, this upbeat guide offers practical tips for living with food allergies. Even if diagnosed years ago or handling a child's allergies, you will nevertheless likely benefit from many of the topics covered.

This book is available from traditional bookstores, and also from online booksellers like Amazon. Just let them know the below information, and they can order it for you.
ISBN: 0-595-24128-X
Title: Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook
Author: Melissa Taylor

Food Allergy Survivors Together Journal

With participation from nearly two-dozen individuals, this incredibly innovative book contains a little bit of everything (it has to, at 350 pages!). You'll find articles, cooking tips, extracurricular activity suggestions, humor, jokes and cartoons, photographs, profiles of people with allergies, over 30 recipes, stories and a play for children, traveling tips, and much more. The information in the book is new and unique. Best of all, the Journal is informal and uplifting, not heavy and weighty as health literature can tend to be. The information within is geared toward (and contributed by) everyone touched by food allergies, including children with allergies, adults with allergies, caretakers, and friends. You will refer to this book again and again. Our group strongly suggests you get more than one--you will want to share this with your friends, family, and local library.

Opening up this book is like opening a virtual treasure chest containing:
* Profiles of over half a dozen people with allergies
* 20 drawings
* More than 30 recipes
* More than 30 articles/chapters
* Nearly 40 jokes
* Over 50 photos
* 350 pages!

This title is only available through CafePress at:

The following books are fiction titles by the founder of FAST. There are no food allergy topics in the books.

The Caroline's Cavy Series, including Caroline's Cavy and the Pet Show

116 pages

Caroline has just gotten her first pet. Navy is a baby guinea pig, and taming her isn't easy! Caroline has big plans, because the local library is going to have a pet show. If she can tame Navy so that Navy no longer runs and hides (or, freezes in place), Dad will help her build a maze to a-maze everyone there!

But, with only two weeks before the pet show, how can Caroline and her little guinea pig outdo her neighbor, Stanley's, dog? Taco can do all sorts of tricks!

Written in journal style with illustrations based on how the author drew as a child, the Caroline's Cavy series presents young readers with a pair of believable and fun-loving new friends.

Just let your favorite retailer know the ISBN (978-1484824511), author, and title.

Note: The Caroline's Cavy books are a book series--only the first in the series is listed here. To see a list of all available titles, please visit

Gram, Gramps, and a Guinea Pig Named Rover

400 pages

Publishers Weekly (an independent organization; review based on a manuscript reading) called Gram, Gramps, and a Guinea Pig Named Rover, "Light, pleasant, and easygoing."

Ten year old Nathan Greene lives with his grandparents on their neglected farm in a town filled with quirky characters, including resident busybody Millie; an old hermit who inexplicably points a light-up sign at his house; and the alien-obsessed Horaces, who call their chickens free-range, just so they don't have to build a coop. Gram is prim and practical, but Gramps has a naughty streak that leaves him doing things (out of Gram's sight, of course) like pretending he's a country bumpkin when the water tester comes to town, and taking a citified college grad on a snipe hunt. But he also has enough love for his grandson that he crafts magical stories about Nathan's father, helping to bring him to life for the son who never knew him.

Through one pivotal year, the Greene family must deal with unexpected difficulties, including possibly losing their home, and Gramps' diagnosis with MS. (According to Old Horace, "MS" is "women who don't want no one to know if they're married.") They embrace the promise that we can get through challenging times with humor, faith, and the love and support of family and community--as crazy as they may be. Together, they can help you get through anything.

Except, maybe, for Gram's rhubarb pie.

Thirty chapters of character-driven stories--sweet, silly, or sentimental--weave together in this heartwarming memoir-style tale set in the early 1990s rural Midwest.

Suitable reading for all, ages 10 and up. The reading level makes this book a little more advanced reading than the guinea pig storybook series.

This book is available from your favorite local bookstore (write down the ISBN, author name, and book name to request it). You can also find it at online bookstores such as Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1475028423

The Guinea Pigs' Summer Storybook

222 pages
Typed text; B&W illustrations

What do you get when you take eight bumbling but loveable guinea pig friends and send them off on ten super-silly summer adventures? Fun, of course!

There's Violet, who considers herself quite the wildlife expert. During a visit to the zoo, she plays tour guide. What is a neon pink bird with a long neck? Why, a tacky lawn ornament! Then there's Percival, who wants to be a superhero one minute, and a detective the next. (Too bad he can't find anyone to save or a mystery to solve. )

The stories are accompanied with one-hundred of Melissa J. Taylor's charming black and white pencil illustrations, each containing at least one flower. Some flowers are hidden--can you find them?

With so much to see and do, families are sure to enjoy this zanily lighthearted series together.

Book one in the series.

Available wherever books are sold, such as Amazon. Just let your favorite retailer know the ISBN (978-1477418406), author, and title.

The Guinea Pigs' Fall Storybook

218 pages
Typed text; B&W illustrations

The eight bumbling but loveable guinea pig friends are back in their second seasonal storybook! It's filled with ten stories accompanied by one-hundred black and white illustrations. Each one contains at least one flower to look for!

It's fall, and Violet's mother takes the young guinea pigs on a nature walk. Violet decides to guide the tour, leading to an interesting discovery when she gets to the cattails. And when Percival's father says he's making "mammoth alterations" to the guestroom, Percival's friends are excited to think that they might get to meet a real, live woolly mammoth. Aren't woolly mammoths extinct? Oh, yeah. But Percival's dad is a scientist!

Sweet and silly, these stories are great entertainment for the fall . . . or any time of year!

Book two in the series.

Available wherever books are sold! Just let your favorite retailer know the ISBN (978-1477480670), author, and title.

The Guinea Pigs' Winter Storybook

228 pages
Typed text; B&W illustrations

What do you get when you take eight bumbling but adorable guinea pig friends and send them off on ten winter adventures? Oodles of fun!

It's Christmastime, and Percival forgot to buy a present for his new baby brother! What can he do on such short notice, when all Pumpkin seems to be interested in is mud? Violet is convinced that her mother, who has been behaving strangely, has been visited by aliens. That would explain why all of the furniture has been shuffled around, and why her stuffed animals are in a net near the ceiling!

Ten stories are accompanied with over one-hundred charming pencil drawings. At least one flower is in each drawing. Can you find them all?

Filled with lighthearted fun and sure to encourage laughter, this series is meant to be enjoyed together.

Book three in the series.

Available wherever books are sold! Just let your favorite retailer--including online--know the ISBN (978-1477523605), author, and title.

The Guinea Pigs' Spring Storybook

228 pages
Typed text; B&W illustrations

The eight bumbling guinea pig buddies are back in their fourth and final seasonal storybook.

As usual, Violet can make just about anything more interesting. Including spring cleaning--all it needs is some elbow grease! Then there's Pumpkin. It's his first Mother's Day, and he needs to find a special gift to give his mom. A bag of monsters should do the trick! From the earliest signs of spring to backyard camping at the verge of summer, the guinea pig friends are in for oodles of adventures.

With ten super-silly spring stories accompanied by over one-hundred charming illustrations, this book is just the one to plop into your favorite chair with and read. Be sure to look for hidden surprises--there's at least one flower in every picture.

Book four in the series.

Available wherever books are sold! Just let your favorite retailer--including online--know the ISBN (978-1478248255), author, and title.

Cookbook for Guinea Pig Owners

Cooking for My Cavy: Recipes for Guinea Pig Treats

Cooking for My Cavy: Recipes for Guinea Pig Treats is a wonderful collection of over twenty-five recipes for cavies, using wholesome ingredients commonly found in kitchens.

Inside its pages, you'll find such delights as Cavy Kabobs, Couch-cavy and Oatmeal Cookies, Piggy Pizza, Piggy Popcorn, and over twenty more, all tested and approved by a panel of guinea pig experts--guinea pigs themselves, of course!

The treat recipes are accompanied by Melissa J. Taylor's delightful black-and-white cavy artwork.

A must for all cavy aficionados, this book also makes a memorable gift for any guinea pig fan.

Available where books are sold, such as on Amazon. Or, take the ISBNs to your local bookstore to place an order: ISBN-13: 978-1494204853 ISBN-10: 1494204851

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