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For e-reader users: The Handbook is now available for under $4 for e-readers. Search for Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook to download a copy to your e-reader (including Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Sony E-Reader). This book has been used as a source for educating friends and family, and telling others about this inexpensive download is a very cost-efficient way to pass along the word about food allergies.

FAST is an online-only support group for people of all ages who have been touched by food allergies. Whether you're a parent of a child with allergies, an individual with them, or a caring friend, you're welcome here!

Please take a moment to join the mailing list, a small, on-topic forum. It's a great place to turn to, to both give and receive support.

In Loving Memory of
FAST Co-founder, Nancy

This website is for personal support information only. Nothing should be construed as medical advice.