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Imagery is not another audio salon to serve stereophiles with more money than sense. Sure, we like those people, too; however, Imagery is dedicated to bringing music closer to those people who appreciate fine audio and who would like enough money left over to see a few live performances each month. Imagery has selected a number of components from a very diverse group of manufacturers that we feel will satisfy the most discriminating taste. In addition we offer a number of accessories that will enhance your current system. Our accessories are not the "tweak" products of the week, for those you will have to look elsewhere. We will only recommend what we know works and what represents a good value.

Imagery's lines include:

ASC Tube Trap
Audio Prism
Benz Micro
Black Diamond
Eminent Technology
Gold Aero
Graham Engineering
Green Mountain
Gruvglide II
Omega Interconnect
Room Tune
Sound Anchors
Symposium Acoustics
Unity Audio
V. A. C.
Valid Points
Walker Turntable

Plus great audiophile recordings from Reference Recordings, Chesky Records,
Sheffield Labs, and Three Blind Mice

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Walker Turntable and Arm

The Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature Turntable and Arm is the result of over 25 years of research to build the best sounding turntable possible. Nothing has been taken for granted, even the finish on the platter has been selected for its sonic merit.

The table base is constructed from a combination of crushed lead and marble in an epoxy resin and weighs over 100 pounds, the platter is a made from machined lead and weighs in at 70 pounds. Obviously creator, Lloyd Walker, believes in mass damping and superior isolation as the carbon fiber arm rides on a 50 psi cushion of air.

Ah, but fear not music lover, with a few burly friends to help you move your new treasure, you will find the Walker turntable very easy to set up and once it is, it will stay that way. It is designed for the music lover who wants to enjoy the music, not fiddle with a finicky table; although it does allow for an infinite variety of adjustments for you tweaks who are never satisfied.

See the review in The Absolute Sound (issue 110, March/April 1997) in which reviewer Peter Breuninger called the Walker Turntable the most significant product of the decade. Hmmm, I wonder if this sounds better than CD?

Gold Aero

Imagery is a proud representative of Gold Aero Tubes and phono preamplifiers. Gold Aero is renowned for using one of the strictest computer testing and grading procedures, insuring that only the finest, lowest-noise, best-sounding tubes earn the Gold Aero label.

All tubes are computer-tested in three distinct stages. In the first stage, tubes are tested for noise, microphonics, and gain. Next, tubes are tested for transconductance (Gm), plate current (Ib), and grid leakage (Ic2). Almost 40% of the tubes are rejected during these stages. Platinum tubes are further tested using Gold Aero's proprietary Impulse Analysis System. Each tube is pulsed with a high-risetime, short duration pulse. The output of the tube is then sampled and analyzed by Gold Aero's custom Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) computer analysis program to calculate the frequency response and group delay of the tube. Testing frequencies up to 80kHz, FFT analysis insures that the tube can reproduce subtle harmonics that lay beyond the range of human hearing.

Tubes which pass this test - exhibiting good group delay characteristics - boast superior three-dimensional imaging, sharper image focus, and greater clarity at low output levels. Gold Aero offers tubes in three grades: Premium, Gold, and Platinum. Premium tubes are selected for low noise and microphonics, and matched gain in two-section tubes. Only 42% of all tubes tested receive the Premium rating. Gold tubes are selected the same way as Premium tubes, but with much stricter tolerances. Only 15% of tubes tested receive the Gold rating. Only the best 3% of all tubes tested achieve the Platinum rating. All Platinum tubes are Impulse tested and evaluated with the FFT computer analysis to insure great band-width and excellent group-delay characteristics. Gold Aero includes the actual FFT certificate with each Platinum tube, so you can verify its quality.

All Gold Aero tubes are warranted free of defects for 120 days after purchase.

Eminent Technology

The Eminent Technology LFT-VIII is a three-way, 60" tall, 13" wide, 24" deep floor-standing speaker. Each LFT-VIII speaker features two planar drivers and one conventional cone-type woofer. These planar drivers are a patented design made of very thin aluminum foil bonded to a flexible Mylar diaphragm suspended between two sets of permanent magnets. This design allows the entire diaphragm to act as one large push-pull driver, radiating sound from the front and rear, generating the open "unboxed" sound audiophiles love. The large planar midrange driver sounds smoother than any cone driver, and operates from 180 Hz-10kHz. The planar high frequency driver sounds sweet and effortless - like many of the expensive world-class ribbon drivers you've read about. Three tweeter settings - flat, -6 dB, & -12 dB - are provided to easily match the speaker to bright or dull listening rooms.

The LFT-VIII's dynamic woofer is an air suspension design housed in a special 17"-deep, 13"-wide, 16"-tall black cabinet which forms the base of the speaker. The laminated HD particle board woofer enclosure is a special shape with only two parallel sides to reduce standing waves. It has five internal support braces for extra strength and damping.

Early in the design process, Eminent Technology engineers discovered the woofer had to be very neutral to blend successfully with the planar midrange, so the woofer cone material - felted paper coated with a thick emulsion - is extremely rigid for an 8" driver, for low bass and midrange coloration. The woofer features an oversized magnet, and a highly compliant rubber-butyl surround which responds quickly to the tiniest signals.

LFT-VIII's flat planar top section slides on and bolts firmly onto the front of the woofer base cabinet. All drivers are concealed by removable acoustically-transparent black grills. Speaker connections are with two pairs of top-rated Edison Price Music Post 5-way posts for easy bi-wiring.

Imagery will also custom wire your LFT-VIII's with your choice of premium XLO wire. Add custom Sound Anchor stands and you will experience a level of realism you never thought possible from a modestly priced speaker.

Room Tunes

RoomTunes' Michael Green has developed a simple low-price method
for improving listening room sound. Stereophile magazine calls it "the
effective, 'less-is-more' acoustic treatment for your listening room. " -Vol16, No 4, April 1993. CornerTunes, EchoTunes, and TuneStrips are soft, pillow-like fiberglass filled fabric-covered acoustic panels. Deluxe RoomTunes and BassTunes are fiberglass filled, fabric-covered wooden frames with oak base platforms.


The first turntable to come from Rega was the famous Planet, which went on sale in 1973. It was created by Roy Gandy with the help of his partner Tony Relph (REGA =RElph + GAndy). In 1975, the Planar 2 was introduced and in 1977 was joined by the Planar 3.To date, over 300,000 Planar 3's have been manufactured and sold in over 25 countries throughout the world.

In 1980, Rega had thirteen employees and exported to twelve countries. The company bought an old mill in Westcliff-on-the-Sea and transformed it into a factory. Other products followed, the RB250 and RB300 in 1983, the Bias and Elys cartridges in 1988, Ela speakers in 1989 and the first amplifiers in 1991 The old mill became more and more cramped until a new factory was constructed in Southend in 1992. The new space enabled Rega to introduce three new models of speakers, an amplifier, a cartridge, a tuner, and most recently, a CD player. In 1996, Rega has two factories, thirty-five employees, and distributors in twenty-five countries.

Rega's philosophy is to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible. Rega is committed to the design and development of new and innovative products, both in hi-fi and other areas, that will perpetuate Rega's values of quality and value for the money.

Imagery currently has in stock the Rega turntable and the new Rega Planet CD player (check the June 97 issue of Stereophile for Sam Tellig's rave review, and remember he hates digital audio).

Used Audio

You can see by the lines we represent that we are pretty picky. So you can be assured that what we take in trade is in perfect condition and ready for you to enjoy.

McCormack TLC-1
Stereophile Class A
Component (April 97)
"superb transparency...almost undetectable sonic signature"

Krell KSL with phono stage.
Great preamp with balanced inputs and outputs. Won't last long.

Krell KST-100
100 wpc and it's a Krell. Formerly owned by Emily Salyers of the Indigo Girls and modified by Krell.

Counterpoint DA-11
CD Transport
All upgrades and modifications Demo unit with new warranty.

V. A. C. CPA-1 MK.I
Tube preamplifier with balanced outputs
External power supply, 6 inputs, and phono stage
Thourough factory rejunivation and upgrades. New tubes
Original boxes and manuals
Owner's unit

Audio Note M-2 With Phono section
2 tape loops, 3 aux, and 2 phono stages

Unity Audio TLG-1
Mini-moniters with custom Sound Anchors stands
Demo units with full factory warranty
$850.00 with stands

Marantz 10B Tuner
Excellent condition
New caps, resistors, ground path, and tube scope
In marantz wood cabinet and modified by Steve Modus

2 sealed copies of Thelma Houston- Pressure Cooker
Original Sheffield Lab 2 direct to disc vinyl
Out of print
$300.00 each

Classe DR3-VHC
Pure Class A operation, 45W, Black with Gold Handle, A true classic

Hafler 9180s Power Amplifier
Clean power with lots of headroom

Apogee Diva
Great dipolar ribbon speaker, sold for $10k originally,
in perfect condition and in box

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For more details and additional gear.

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