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      Dokada Alpines

      At Dokada we expect EVERYONE to pull their own weight!

      Yes that is a goat! A French Alpine Dairy Goat wether named Ben to be exact. This picture was taken at the Memorial Day Parade in Midland MI in 1996 when Ben was only 3 years old. When fully mature a goat can pull at least 3 times his own weight in the wagon. Ours sometimes get to practice their skills hauling water and hay to the far pens.

      Goats are also used for backpacking. A full grown goat can carry about half their weight in a pack. Goats are welcome as pack animals in many parks where horses would cause too much damage. Goats will follow their owners like dogs so they do not beat out a path like horses in single file. They are browsers rather than grazers so they take an nibble and a nibble there causing less impact on any single plant. You don't have to pack in feed for them so the whole weight they carry is for the people. They need not be picketed at night because they want to stay close to their owner (in your sleeping bag with you if you would let them!) so they do not beat up the bedding site. And if you take a doe in milk along she will even supply you with fresh milk for breakfast!

      It's cold out there!

      Cold weather is no problem for goats with good shelters available. We supply one of these houses for each 4 older kids or an igloo for each 3 younger kids but they know warmth comes with numbers. Often houses stand empty as the goats crowd together in 1 or 2 buildings. I have counted as many as 10 kids and 2 cats pouring out of one house! Looks a little like the clowns car at the circus but they seem to like it that way. The kids thrive in the cold and seem to tolerate the cold of winter better than the heat of summer. Our late born kids don't seem to grow as fast though they ultimately seem to attain the same adult size.

      There are 6 breeds of Dairy Goats recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association. They are the Alpine, LaMancha, Nubian, Oberhasli, Sanaan, Toggenburg,

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