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Wolfpack nWo

Here is a pic of me and some friends after a house show at the Palace of Auburn Hills
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nWo Hollywood
IV Horseman

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Welcome to my Wolfpack nWo page. Page may not be here too much longer due to the fact of the planning of eliminating both nWo factions

Congratualtions on your Championship win to Macho Man. Nash won't be as easy though. href=>Hear Hogan
Hear Nash

Will Nash be able to outsmart the veteran Hogan?

We hope you return soon from your foot recovery. Hear Hall
Word has it that Lex and Sting will continue to be friends and hopefully Hogan will join their side.
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Hopefully Scott will return to wrestling shortlyHear Scott

Finishing moves of the Wolfpack

Hulk Hogan Hollywood Leg Drop

Nash: Jacknife Powerbomb

Scott Steiner: Steiner Recliner

Lex Luger: The Rack!

Scott Hall: The Outsider Edge