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Picture from trips I have Taken

Beleieve or not I did take all these pictures, this isn't a professional photographer or postcards I picked up I took them all.

Below are pictures from Colorado. This picture is from a pass in central Colorado. Below you see a train.

This is one of my most favorite pictures. This one was taken in a state park in Pueblo, Colorado. My cousin and I hiked to the top of this ridge and the picture explains what we saw.

This picture was taken about three quarters of the way up the pass. On this trip we took a old Mini Winnebago, the pass was hard on the old girl. We drove it in first and second gear the whole way up the mountain and we had to stop every fifteen minutes or so to let the brakes cool on the way down.

This is a picture of my Big O Grandma. Now I am not being RUDE has others think. Whle we were in Colorado we had two blowouts on the Winnebago so we were in Denver looking for tire stores when we came to a Big O Tire store. Since I blurted it out everything on the trip became Big O anything.

This is a picture of one of the cliff dwelling villiages in Mesa Verde National Park.

This is a picture of Balancing Rock in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.It was very hot when we visited, with temperatures in the 90's we did not spend much time here.

This is a picture of Wilson Arch in Wilson Utah right next to Interstate 666.

This is another rock formation in Arches National Park

Now these are pictures taken in Toronto. This is a picture of the CN tower in Toronto. Most arial pictures that you will see are from the top of this tower.

This is a picture of the Sky Dome where the Toronto Blue Jays play.

This is a picture of the Stanley Cup taken at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

This is a picture of Toronto from the CN Tower

This is another picture of Toronto from the CN Tower.

This is another picture of Toronto, but this is a picture of the Road Course the Cart Series races at. See if you can find it. You could here the engines of the cars from the tower.

A picture of Niagara Falls

Another picture of the falls

A picture of the American Falls

I hope you liked thes pictures I will add more later. Thanx for checking them out. Please sign my guestbook.

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