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Salute to Chris Farley
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Good bye Chris we will miss you! You brought alot of laughs to everyones life! There wasn't a single soul who didn't like your movies. You will always be remembered as the greatest comedian/actor of all time.
ShoveAnOar.wav Chris tells some kids what he plans on doing to them
bbcompass.wav Chris has a newscaster on SNL
bbheartbreaker.wav Chris has a newscaster again
bbhygienic.wav Chris talks about his hygene
bridge.wav Chris goes crazy!
bull.wav Tommy boy has trouble following in his dad's footsteps!
bus.wav Chris gets a little mad at the kids on the buss!
bun.wav Tommy talks about how bad of a salesman he is!
clamup.wav Matt Foley gets a little mad!
dicklanguage.wav Some kids make fun of Tommy !
flanhole.wav Matt Foley gets a little mad again!
foley.wav Matt Foley introduces himself !
housekeeping.wav David Spade plays a trick on Tommy Boy
killwhitie.wav KILL WHITIE!
ladee.wav Ladee frickin da!
oil.wav Tommy makes a mistake when he puts in the oil!
pudd.wav Chris gets some pudding in his pants!
sweet.wav Sweet mother of god what is the holdup!
van.wav Matt Foley tells where he lives!
van2.wav Same as above!
whoopden.wav Whoopde freaking do!!
jacksquat.wav Matt Foley tells them what they are going to ammount to!
call.wav Tommy explains how he called!
retarded.wav Tommy checks the spec on the endline!
thick.wav Tommy talks about M&M's thick candy shells
guarantee.wav Chris talks about guarantees
veronica.wav Chris talks about Veronica Vaughn!
chris_farley_Lay_off_I_m_starving.wav Lay off me I'm starving!!(my own recording!)
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