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Tri-C Astronomy 101 Supplement

Cuyahoga Community College
offers a Telecourse in Astronomy.

The course is presented by means of PBS
broadcast of a series of half hour shows.

To assist students in studying the material
presented in these shows, this site has been created.

Notes from each show are presented.

This site is built and maintained by STUDENTS..

Show 1--The Scales of the Cosmos
Show 3--Cycles In The Sky
Show 4--O r igin of Modern Astronomy
Show 5--N e wton, Einstien & Gravity
Show 6--T h e Tools of Astronomy

Show 7-- Atoms and Starlight
Show 8--The Sun
Show 12-- The Deaths of Stars
Show 13-- Neutron Stars and Black Holes
Show 14-- The Milkyway
Show 15-- Galaxies
Show 16-- Active Galaxies
Show 17-- The Big Bang!!!
Show 20-- The Planet EARTH

T E S T 1
T E S T 2
T E S T 3
T E S T 4

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