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The Ajaba Communications Network

Last Updated: 3-06-02 Woah. Long time no see. No updates right now, just a note that I'll be splitting this site to an Art Gallery and an Ajaba Site. Dreamweaver here I come. ;) I'm also planning on adding MET rules for Ajaba sometime in the near future.

2-20-02 Well well well. Thing have certainly changed for me. I'm getting a degree in design for one, so this page is going to change dramatically. I looked at it the other day and realized how poor it was. I've also become familiar with the wonders of Dreamweaver. Yeeha.

2-2-01 I hate scanners. I love to draw, but I hate scanners. :P I also hate lycos. my font turned red and my links turned green. CHRISTMAS IS OVER FOR GODS' SAKE!!!!! Ok, I've ranted.. Now on to update... I think I'll add a personal section....and I'm going to expiriment with layout.

1-16-01 Okay, I have been thouroughly chastised by those who want me to update. I'll be scanning the pics in for forms on Monday and should have them colored and on by next monday. I just updated The forms stuff and I'm going to be updateing all this week. You've motivated me! Yay!

To be added These will be checked off as they're added.


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The Laugh Line
Also, The Laugh Line is not just a name, its a communications network understood only among Ajaba. It's like a Tahla joke. And how you laugh at your own joke, relays your feelings about the message. More on this as it develops.
Things that will be, and are, on this page. (so stop back soon!) --Gillian. Hyena Web mistress and all around procrastinator.