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Its been one year since I last updated this page.I noticed that it was still getting alot of hits, so i decided to update out of spite.

Heres whats been going on in the past year:

2against1 played thier last show in january of 2002. Dennis rejoined daniel and the Daves were doing nothing for a few months.Dave Massengill joined the caaterskill falls with Jon Tuttle, Andy Carter, and Jeff Smith.Mark and Dan quit daniel, so the band took a short break for a few weeks, they kicked back with Lil Dave from orange kake on the drums and Ryan King from capture the flag on bass. Ryan ending up having to resign from his position in daniel due to other priorities, and so Pa (Dave M.) decided to go all out, join daniel and be in two bands. Jeff Smith quit the caaterskill falls to start the band mobility with a good gentlemen from cranbrook. Dave Kalman took over as full time drummer for caaterskill. Today daniel and the caaterskill falls practice under the same roof, daniel has released a full length, and csf is writing songs for an up coming split or ep. (details have not yet been fully discussed). I would just like to say thanks to everyone who kept 2against1 alive, even after it was over. whos knows mabey one day we'll have a reunion! later. Dave K. 5-29-03

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