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for meow

Age 69 June 20 2013
I Will Be Age 70 June 20 2014
I seen Glenn Springer as I was voting in a Web Competition called TheSiteFights.
A friend Kay, sent me an email saying about this person Glenn Springer. He has
Cerebral Palsy and could not type with his hands, only his feet and to go look
at his webpage. If I liked it to ask him to vote exchange. (VE) So I did and I
did like what I saw. Even Glenn Springer himself. I was amazed at what all he
could do typing with his feet. I thought he was like a paraplegic and could not
even do that. I knew he was living in a wheelchair. I asked him to VE and he sent
me his info so I could vote for him and I sent him my info to vote for my website
MEOW. Whenever I won my round at the end of the week, I would send out Awards for
voting for MEOW.
Well this is how I really met Glenn Springer!
One day in my email I got an email from Glenn saying I would make awards for him
if people would send me their name and email. I thought WHAT??
Glenn did not even ask me! I wrote to him and said "What about making awards?"
He told me to go to MSN Messenger and he would let me know. OK, So I did. Glenn
came on and actually talked to me. He was very hard to understand. The more I talked
to him, I got better. The more I seen Glenn I thought that he was very good looking.
He asked for my phone number and he called me. I was very nervous. His parents had to
tell me practically everything he said. He was 30 years old then. I bought a camera and
a microphone and we have been together talking on some messenger almost everyday!
Glenn is 39 and so handsome. He is quite funny sometimes and I love him.
Glenn is Wonderful. He is very smart on computers, he has taught me a lot.
He has a great sense of humor and I think his favorite word is DUH! He is caring and thoughtful, very good looking,

AND I am so happy to know him :-)

for Glenn

Age 39 November 11 2013
I Will Be Age 40 November 11 2014

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