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Technical Assistance / Service: 
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In the following:

 Industrial Refrigeration and Air-conditioning.

A) Preparation of estimates, Layout Design, Heat Load calculation,

Air Duct sizing, Equipment selection and final pricing.

 B) Project Co-ordination and Correspondence with related parties.

Some advice on refrigerators and air conditioners:
*Refrigerators with ice makers will consume more electricity.
*Do not place your refrigerator near any heat source,
such as a heating vent or kitchen stove.

*Do not place hot food in the refrigerator,
as it will work more to cool the food.

*Do not open the refrigerator too frequently,
as it will consume more electricity.

*If you are cooling more than one room, install a split unit,
as it is more energy efficient than the window air conditioner.

*Set the thermostat at 25 degrees C ( ideal temperature ).
*Try using the fans when the weather is not so hot.
*Clean the air filter regularly.

Mechanical / Civil Engineering.

 Preparation of Design Drawings for construction - using AutoCAD.

(Many years of work experience in engineering firms and the refinery of SHELL Co.)

Some site supervision experience in 
building demolition, road repairs and seawall re-construction.


Capable of using the following computer applications:

Auto-Cad  -  for producing engineering drawings for presentation and construction.

Microsoft Excel  -  for calculation, data processing and recording.

Microsoft Words  -  for text document and correspondence.

Powerpoint  -  for graphic presentation, etc.

"A person should be judged on what he or she has done, and not by what he or she has said".

"A person should be judged on what he or she has done, and not by what he or she has said".

Voluntary/Community Services

Served in the grass-root organizations in Radin Mas, 
for more than 15 years:

 Civil Defence Executive Committee ( CDEC )
 Residents' Committee (Vice Chairman).   

For my free-lance service on:

Mechanical & Civil Engineering 
Design / Drafting
( using
Auto-Cad )
Graphic Design.

Please e-mail to :
Tel. (65) 9 637 2730

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