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Fire Safety Tips:

In Case Of Fire:

1.    Try to extinguish the fire without endangering your life.

2.    Dial for Fire / Emergency / Ambulance for help.

3.    Get everyone out.

4.    Close the door to contain the fire.

  If Your Clothes Are On Fire:

    1.    Stop and do not panic.

2.    Drop down on the ground immediately and cover your face with your hands.

3.    Roll over and over until flames are out.

 If You Are Trapped: 

1.    Go to a safe room, preferably one with a window that faces a road or car park.

2.    Close the door. Cover all gaps under the door to prevent smoke from seeping through (with a wet towel).

3.    Shout for help from window.

4.    Wait for rescue to arrive. Do not attempt to jump out.

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