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The W.A.R. Department needs a new name! e-mail your suggestions to Andrew ( or bring them in to Mrs. Liberman. The person whose name is selected will win a Pizza

Tickets need to be sold for the Neshaminy Mall discount night. Bring in money to the M.G. Room ASAP!

Fill out the biography sheet and send them to Jason Goodman at or Andrew Regifsky(e-mail listed above). We have a meeting next thursday, October 7th, see ya there. Have a good weekend. "P.S. We still need spirit!!!", Says Joe.


The site is launched! Im going to try to use very few graphics to keep site load times and bandwidth use to a minum. This will be the basic place for you to find information about the 2004-05 GWHS robotics team. Today we had a meeting orchestrated by team captain Joe. We discussed the importance of fundraising and spirit. Make sure you sell those tickets! The website will be under heavy construction untill every link is populated.