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What is a partial-birth abortion? It is a late-term abortion, especially one in which a viable fetus is partially delivered through the cervix before being extracted.

When you become pregnant your baby begins living and growing at the moment the father's sperm joins with your fertile egg. Thats called conception.

Eighteen days after conception, your baby's heart starts beating.

By thirty-five days after conception, your baby has a brain, eyes, ears, mouth, and more.

Seventy days after conception, your baby already has fingers, and also fingerprints. In fact he or she can make a fist to hold onto an object.


Later on in your pregnancy, your baby will...

Suck on his or her thumb.

Recognize your voice.

Stretch and even get the hiccups.


Picture of an ultrasound

Did you know?
In the United States there are 1.3 million abortions every year, and twenty percent of all abortions are performed on teenagers.

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An abrotion is the killing of a child.

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