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Tinker Bell a.k.a Tink

Name:Bobbie Eiko
Nickname: TInker Bell or Tink
Location: Where ever the RENE is
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Cheif Mechanic
Favourite Music: Anything with a beat!
Favourite Food: Grandma's home bake pie!
Favourite thing to do: Tinker!!!

Welcome to Mars... the planet Tink grow up on. Tink spent many years living in a cube like home, never aloud to go outside and play as if she took one step outside she would die, The air not breathable by humans. She had to find other means of entertainment... School was one, This is where she meet her freind Italia who would eventually become her dearest friend.

Meet Tink's Two older brothers... they have been very protective over since a young age... this picture taken when she was at the tender age of 15.. Her brother master martial artist's taught her all her fighting skills... you wouldn't want to get into a fight with Tink.. She may look small and fragil but she quite the oppisite in battle.

This is Tink's Mother they never really got along... Her mother blaming Tink for her fathers death when she was just a child... not even at the age of remembering.. appereantly Tink and her father where playing a park area of the home base.. when AI's attacked them... Her father having been pushed away from her... ran back to grab her... Getting hit in the stomac area... it was later in the med bay that he passed away... her mother never really forgiving Tink for that fateful day.

At the legal age she was allowed to.. she left mars and joined the army... Going through the training and testing they thought it best to put her somewhere.. where her brains would be greatly needed... so she became a chief mechanic... but also she became a inventor... She has created many machines for the army and they have massed produced them... Leaving the army after being court marshelled for fighting without cause.... The Sgt. deserved it !.... She saught her turest and only friend Italia.. and joined with her .. becoming the maker and mechanic for the RENE.

Tinks most recent news... She was capture and taking to the AI central HQ.. or what she thinks it is... Meeting a human called Ichabod... raised by the machines.... She is trying to introduce him the many human emotions that he has been negelected living with machines... Tinks has found her one and only.... now does he feel the same for her ?.

Meet Italia... tinks dearest and closet friend... They have been friends since the age... well since they started grade school together... Because of tinks unusal habit of learning fast she was bumped into school at a very early age... the commanders on the base not wasting anytime...getting Tink into developing her brain and smarts... Being withdrawn and made fun at the school because of her small size and odd looks... Italia becoming a friend and protector of her... since then they haven't be sperated until they transfered out of the and where sent to different military base's , They still kept in contact through letters and vid-mail... Until Tink got kicked out ans she sought out her friend....

Tink's Current Projects!!