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The Dead Raisers: A MechAssault Clan

Welcome to the official page of The Dead Raisers, a clan on MechAssasult for XBox Live. The Clan composes of the following leaders: B News, MATT THE KNIFE, Lord Zed, and ChaosRaiser327. These are the only leaders that will be in this clan. Anyone who wants to join the clan email for initiation time and place. The leaders must decide together on if the initiation proved that the person is good or not. If you are denied membership, you can not have another initiation for 30 days; no more, no less. Welcome to the website of The Dead Raisers. This is a MechAssault clan on XBox Live. Any other relations with gangs with this name, or otherwise, are purely coincidential. The views and opinions of this site are only this site and nothing more.