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Lets confess it... we are dependant on our calculators. Of course the IB teaches us to think by ourselves and how to do the process and analysis required. But nevertheless we like our calculators to be by our side, they give us confidence. This confidence is even more reassured when we have our calculators well equipped. Lets imagine that you are sitting in front of a Paper 1 question and have no idea how to do it. You could go on to the next question, or you could open one of your programs and this may help to orient you. Don´t get me wrong, the idea is not to be lazy and input definitions in the calculators, the idea is to have formulas, simulations, and programs that give you the answer. The answer by itself isn't of much aid when doing the process, but it helps us to check our answers.


In this section you will find 2 main things; Calculator Programs (Casio) and Documentation.

NOTE: All the following files are in CAT format and require the use of a Calc-PC Cable . To use the cable you will need the FA122 software to connect the calculator to your PC (Click here to download software).


If we search the Web looking for programs that might be useful for us in the IB course we will find lots of programs that will not be of much help for us. This is why in this section I decided to post the programs that I consider to be the best for the Maths IB course.

To download the programs you'll need a unzip program such as WinRar or WinZip (Download )

All programs in this section are only for casio CFX 9X50


Level Program Description Author Size Download
MathSolver Simply the BEST!! Try it and you will see what I mean Casto Productions 6.44Kb
AP/GP Finds everything there is to know in arithmetic/geometric progressions Charlie Watson 1.74Kb
PolyMult Multiplies Polynomials of any order Charlie Watson 704b
SurdSimp Simplifies Surds Expressions Charlie Watson 876b
Prop Aid with functions and lines (In Spanish) Pablo Jaramillo 924b
Optimize Restores Original Config. (V-Win, Type, etc.) NA 312b
Lines Finds everything when given 2 Coordinates NA 583b
PolyDiv Divides Polynomials of any order Charlie Watson 685b
CMPLXNUM All you will need about Complex Numbers Charlie Watson 998b


*If you don't have the Calc-PC cable then you may input the programs manually. Open the cat files in any text editor (I personally recommend Microsoft Word and in filetype: "Recover text from any file") and start programming!!!



But not everybody is able to get a Calc-PC cable. This is why it is important for students to learn how to program their calculators. This is useful not only because they will be able to build their own programs but also because by programming they will get used to the calculator commands and will handle better and more efficiently during an exam. Programming also incites students to learn, and develops and stimulates the aims of the IB Group 5.



File Description Author Size Download
7400book A Small Tutorial on Programming your Casio Barry Kisane 377Kb
commands Helps beginners to find commands in the Casio calculators NA
answering_exams How to use calculators correctly during Examinations (avoid problems) IBO
xmathcasiometh "how to" guide on using Calculators in the exams. (Very Useful!!) IBID