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Flamed: Things that piss me off and result in being ripped apart

To begin with my first fl4m3, we need to go back a few hundred years...when the british empire was at the height of its power.
America, was colonized by british settlers a long time ago. it was divided up and owned by alot of different countries such as; France, england and Mexico (mexico owned texas, then the biggest state). And so this was for quite a while.

eventually the native amiercans rebelled against there oppresive imperialist rulers in the war of indipendance...

(actually the "war" rellied on one of the four fathers to buy back most of the states from the other people. another father built the american army at west point military topic )
In the end ...the general feeling of the americans was that they were all hero's and they saved there country from the evil imperialists. They vowed to never again allow even a smell of imperialism into there country. Voiwing to keep to themselves and not get invlolved with another foreign war like WW2 ever again.

Okay back the the present century. For those of you who dont know what imperialism is...think of the romans...they go off and conquer countries and introduce them to there "way" of living. Thus expanding there culture across the world, To form an empire.(imperialist).

Lets take our heroic patriotic americans lead again: .. Here they are sitting in there capatlist country and they say , "hey look, hawai!...lets take over this and tell the natives to live like us ... good idea. , [btw europe this isnt imperialism...this is cultural upgrade]. Off they go..hawai is theres. Next up is vietnam, north vietnam tries to enforce communism on the southern vietnemese. america goes in...tell the southerners how to live. try to make the northerners listen, get there asses kicked in the jungle. go back home [btw guys this isnt imperialism, this is gods will, assisting a neighboor.]
Next on the line is the first gulf war, iraq invades kuwait.. America: hey lets help them out , [and..yes europe it is coincidence they have alot of gold and oil.] ... and so it goes on...look at the news right now..chances are youll see iraq on the it, invading the coutry on a "war" against terror to capture sadaam. but wait didnt they capture sadaam?? and now it is almost 2 months on and there still there forcing there ways onto the iraqis, of course its not forcing, my mistake ... its [helping them reastablish a country that years of oppression and dictatorship has made a mess of]
call me ingnorant but that shit is fucking stupid...did you know that all the money spent on the "war on terror" could have been used to give EVERY KID in the WORLD basic vaccinations for thext 40 FUCKING YEARS! i mean cmon...America today is now an imperialist country in denial... a bunch of loud mouth war junkees who think patriotism = "lets blow >lesser developed< countries shit up, lets bomb the fuck out of them because we have the planes to do that...eventually the war on terror will fall back on the usa and infact...when people open there eyes..america is the biggest terrorist the world has ever seen....I MEAN...... FUCKING Fl4M3D!!!

PoSTSKRIpT: If anyone took offense to that flame please forward all abuse and death threats to , remember...i good idea is a good idea FOREVER!