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In the great city of Newcastle, You will find a variety of different people who in 90% of the situation fall into these four catagories


(not sure on the spelling..pronounced raa-fees) also known as charvas or power rangers. These interesting people can be easilly identified by there unique sense of fashion. From head to toe

Head: Depending on the gender. Females may choose to were huge circular earings and males may sport a dashing cap or hat. You will also notice headphones constantly in the ear pumping "monkey" or "afterdark" into there minds.

Centre Mass: Right here youll see the key item. the burghaus mera-peak. A coat designed for mountaineering, these things come mosetly in either yellow, red or blue. (the rafies are probably attracted by the bright colours). Underneath the mera-peak youl sometimes see a sweater with horizontal stripes with more moody gold hanging around there necks. If no heaphones are present in the ear. You will find a micro-sterio system, again, blaring out their interesting choice of music.

Legs/Feet: Legs are dressed with tracksuit bottoms and either trainers or boots (110% of the time Rockports, type of boot designed, again for hiking or treking)

These monkeys are usually kids who arent going anywhere. They hunt in packs. usually consisting of 5-8 members. (though at one point me and a friend witnessed a group of over 35) They carry bottles of cheap wine, cheap cans of white cider and/or lager.

When hunting in packs, the rafies may attack as a group. the victim, usually alone will most likely get "set about" and will, if lucky, end up with mearly there shoe laces stolen or in the more savage cases, punched in the face or mobile phone / money stolen.
Another Key feature of the rafies are there distinct language. Which was started in the type of music they listen to.

Hippys / Goths

(Pronounced Gofs by the rafies)
This group of m4gg0ts consists of social rejects and misfits. Dressing in baggy gothic clothing and dark make-up. These people enjoy sitting in public parks or skating in "no skate zones" i.e. war memorials. As a group, they are very social, constanty hugging, kissing and wrestling each other. They get a hair cut only when it becomes a health hazard. They usually advertise there favourite death-metal group on there clothes. The hippy's worst enemy is the rafies, the rabit and the fox. they rely on there sheer numbers for safety.


Tarts are divided by gender. The male tart dresses in tight t-shirts and sports a 60's or 80's haircut. The female tart is similar but they dress like super models. Capable of giving any male specimin an instant erection;
Heres where it gets complex, the female tarts always come in two: A Stunner and A Minger. They rely on each other for mutual support and are inseperable until they have an argument that has nothing to do with anything.
Tarts are usually intelligent and aspiring individuals. They drink, but only in controlled environments and they will always have a broad taste for music.

GeeKs and FreaKs

Geeks, are never seen outside of school. They live in the school library but never read. They usually have something wrong with them in some way, weather it be a physical disability or an emotional wound. Due to there alusive behaviour, little can be said.
Freeks are similar to geeks but they have hobbies or talents that others dont understand. That may include singing, breakdancing, dungeons and dragons or something along those lines. The transaction between geek and freek happens when the geek is no longer ashamed to come out of the shadows but the result isnt accepted by the population.