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Ab0ut me

Ok a little about me.

Im a 16 year old Male. Many people i know find me a little wierd. Probably because of my different sense of humor. I find some shit funny that just ...isnt [o.O]. I have experimented with drugs in my life. Mainly cannibis, but now that ive left highschool...ive calmed down a bit. I live with my parents, my brother and my sister. I dont have a job. After college i hope to join the army (mainly to get away from it all and get out on my own).
My best friend, Ross is a different story all together. Known him all my life...he also experimented with drugs. Unfortunately, he began to get with the wrong crowds and went downhill from there. There was a 2 year gap in our friendship where i never seen him at all.
Diagnosed a Paranoid Skitsophrenic-manic-depressive. He would be scared to come outside of his house because "the people" are watching him. And, In the spring of 2004, he got "glassed" by someone he considered his friend and moved to London. He now lives in Saudi-Arabia with his brother where i hear he is doing good.

My favourite food is pizza. Favourite colour is orange. Favourite band is deftones. Favourite word is "go"