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This is a restricted web site

You have accessed a confidential web site belonging to the Sri Lankan Government. This site is constantly monitored by the United States F.B.I and C.I.A. All persons who have accessed this site will have their computer transponder number checked and varified. Any persons who have been found to tresspass (tresspass meaning any person or persons who have uninvitedly accessed this web site) may be subject to a court hearing, a fine will have to be paid and a prison term may have to be filled. If you have tresspassed on this web site, you will recieve a letter by email similar to the one below:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
4/1/2004 1:09:11 PM

James Mildrew
LAN No.: #4B-13XC4798220
Computer ID: HP9810-XK-Q63

Case No.: RG38751

Mr. Mildrew,

Recent documents received by this bureau indicate you have been involved in the unauthorized viewing of a restricted website belonging to the Sri Lankan government. Federal laws mandate that you immediately cease and desist all illegal activities pertaining to tresspassing this web site. Further, you are required by law to pay all incurred penalties in conjunction with Amendment 34-C, officially passed on March 10, 2001.

In accordance with state jurisdictions, your failure to pay these penalties in full within 30 days of receipt of this notice will result in a warrant for your arrest. We are also required by law to inform you that a second offense will result in a minimum jail sentence of minimum of 2 years.

Penalties incurred in your particular case may be reviewed by our government and that of the Sri Lankan high commision. All cases are deemed confidential. Penalties are assessed by each individual illegal site access, charged at a nonnegotiable rate of $10,000 per offence. Click your specific case number (Case No.: RG38751).To view the total amount due or to dispute your case you are asked to contact U.S Marshall James Redshaw on:


James Redshaw
U.S. Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Case No.: RG38751

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Well actually dis site belongs 2 ron (hey c'mon guys u really didn get fooled did ya?!) =)