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K. Wombat Man


SDK was formed summer of 2001 in Galt CA when three guys had this great idea. Well it wasn't that great. Instead of forming some normal sounding band they decided to mix Clean Rockabilly Guitar With Funk Bass And Heavy Metal Drums. It might have gone some where. But we will never now now because the bass player decided to go finish school all the way in Michigan. What a bum. Well the two remaining members tried to make music but without the funk bass they were lost. So The guitar player started writing strait rockabilly songs. The Heavy Metal Drums Where just not going to make it. So the two more attractive members started making they're own music. It played kinda like: Buddy Holly Vs. Nirvana with Meat Puppets narrating the fight. Any way, when the bass player returned for the winter, they taught him their new songs. It was fun. For like two weeks. Then he left off to finish school. What a bunghole. So they waited for another year and a half then at last. They Were finally together.
The End