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Ruey's SicPage..of AngsT and RanTz
A step into my primitive page..A life prancin on a lowEnd six string. Emotions of Love, Hate, ANgER and a call for blood for y'all mothafuckz who'r tryin to drag me down for years now. Spiral further through this timeline, see the resistance and disrespect pushin through. As our roads lead to one another, never cross mine ever again cuz ive grown and you'll gonna see what i have become. the world needs superiors and a lil' taste of suppression in order for a war to explode. Set it all up and corrupt tha vibe. Tell everyone an outcast resides in every person born with his face down the dirt. Use the Holy Book and curse my generation. Set your eyes to your reflections, see the truth denied. Amuse everything seems so abusive. What do we do now? You got me torn apart and i got 'em breakin down. Filthy fuckin free the fire between us! Come inside me, let me in, suffocate, resurface... retaliate!
beat my head against the wall
"Come watch me arise from the ashes"
HeD (p.e)
VANS ; Richmond
Adio ; Kenny Anderson V.1
Much love to my son my lil Ruey Scott....with you, i can see clearly despite of tha nonesense....i got u blood
rooted!!!....i will see you when i come back home....Fists in tha
air to my siblings...Keep our Skateboarding Dreams Alive!  Shouts to my hommies way back home....ill be back and
keep our Vibe alive....imma
put all these things deep inside
and converge 'em into brutal band HEADSTITCH,
peace y'all!