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Rich Hansenís Stream-able MP3 Download Page

You can Play (stream) these files by clicking on them.  If you do not have a broadband connection (eg: a dial-up modem), you will need to save them to your hard drive first before playing them.  To do this, make a right click on the links below with your mouse on the hyperlink, and do a "Save As" to save them to your hard drive, then you can play them.

Rich Hansen Solo Music:

Ricardo's Rondo (Six String Bass Solo) Four On The Floor (Fretless Bass, Piano & Trumpet Jazz Jam)

  How Great Thou Art (Six String Bass Solo)

 Fur Elise (Six String Bass Solo)   Walkin The Doghouse (Upright Bass Jam)

See also Rich Hansen's page at MySpace or Hear Bossa Luna Jazz Tracks here


Asa Cruz; From The "Pop Star" Album       See the "Pop Star" VIDEO

Break the Silence I Adore You Resurrect Me Walking In Your Shadow Grey
Pop Star Fall Beneath You Broken Hearted Playground Bleed Light My Way


Asa Cruz:  Rick Parashar Produced Demos                                              

Resurrect Me Will Not Say Goodbye The Lamp Walking In Your Shadow  

See the Asa Cruz Album Pop Star, or purchase the album from the Walmart web site


Graven Image; From The "Graven Image" CD

Silent Truth Gates of Steel Soul Crusher Wish You Were Dead King Of Nothing
Beat Rippin Away Fall of the Free War Cry  (Live VIDEO!) Fry

updated 8/31/04


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