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1927 Model T Roadster Fiberglass Body

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27 Body With Door $1995.00*

This is our Fiberglass 1927 Model T Roadster Economy Body with opening doors, trunk and 32 style dash ready to finish into a great little Street Hot Rod. Our body kit includes everyting shown on this page.
Fiberglass Roadster Body.
Fiberglass Radiator Shell
Drivers and Passinger side Outer and Inner Door panels.
Rear trunk lid with metal reinforcement.
Becouse of added shipping cost we don't install the wood needed to complete the floor and seat frame, these can be installed with just minimal effort and cost and most times can be made from the shipping crate?.

View of trunk lid

View with trunk lid removed

These are the Door Skins along with the inner panels and 32 style dash

This is body shown without the side doors.

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* "There is a Crate Charge of $100.00 added to cost of shipping".