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NJRC 2006


Day 8: Our Robot
After much changes and improvements we learnt from our previous designs, we constructed the robot that we will be using at this year's NJRC,

Day 7: Further Programming
Because of the new robot we constructed, our programming had to undergo alot of changes to suit the new robot.

Day 6: From Scratch
We still could not find our robot, leaving us with no choice but to start all over again. It is easier this time because of our past experience with building our previous two robots. However, the thought of constructing all over again makes it seem much more difficult and troublesome. All of us helped out in getting the pieces and aseembling them together and the robot was done in a day. I hope our robot does not disappear this time.

Day 5: Missing
I did remember placing our robot in the cabinet before we left the other day. However, we were all shocked that we could not find it when we came to the lab today. We searched high and low for the next few hours but it was still unfruitful.
We were disppointed at that time because we felt that our time and effort was wasted. We were also angry. Who was the one who shifted our robot?

Day 4
We reconstructed the robot from scratch and we were all satisfied with it. After the programming and the robot was done, we shifted to constructing the website and research. It was smooth sailing all the way and we hope that it will stay that way.
The main source of our research was the internet and the library. We used different search engines and borrowed many books from the library regarding crude oil and the other relevent research topics.

Day 3
We were still concentrating on programming as there are a few flaws in the programming that had to be resolved.
Our research is doing fine. Most of the research materials were sourced from the internet.

Day 2
As we had done much planning earlier before, we had a rough idea on how the robot is to be built. After some time of assembling the parts, our robot is finally built. Therefore, our next step was to test out the programming and make changes along the way.

Day 1
After the information of NJRC had been released, being our first day of work, we began planning and discussed about a suitable robot structure for the map. This is the time when we brainstorm and contribute ideas before we decide on what is best for us. No building or programming was done on our first meeting.

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