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Red Army Vs Black Army


It was the year 2478 on the planet we have known as Earth, The future for Earth was grim, and most hope of saving mankind was lost. This was a war that started in the year 2404 when an alien race known to us as the Imperialists, had poisoned all of Earth’s surface oceans, rivers, lakes and streams with a deadly water solvent in an attempt to wipe out all humanity. The only fresh water that had remained was in pure underground springs that were slowly running out.

Mankind did not go without a fight, and thus established ourselves as the Freedom Guard, sworn to protect all of the Human population. It was then that the war was so great, you could feel the entire planet shaking beneath you. For 2 generations we have fought the Imperialists, it was now that we have lost all hope of ever defeating the Imperialists and water was beginning to get very scarce on our planet.

It was August 16th, 2478, when the Freedom Guard had found a deep, deep underground spring containing 7,990 cubic meters of water. We then established a large military facility that we named Alpha so we could harvest the water with our Water Freighters.

When a single Freighter filled up with 5 cubic meters of fresh spring water, it then transported it back to the base and unloaded it into the water launch pad back at base Alpha to be then stored up until the facility had reached its capacity of 30 metric tons of water. Then, an order was given to an off world pilot to pick up all the water stored in the water launch pad and then paid 3000 universal credits to that establishment. The off world pilot then loaded up the water and carried it off to the world known as Shurakis where all of Earth’s vital population was held.

The Planet Shurakis was discovered in 2159, where it was believed to be habitable to humans. Shurakis was a planet similar to our own, with 95% of the elements contained on Earth. It had a perfect atmosphere and livable conditions, but nothing lived on it. The only thing Shurakis didn’t have was water, our most precious and vital resource.

The Freedom Guard attempted to move all of Terra’s population to Shurakis, and was successful in doing so. Leaving behind our military on Earth to help defend it, and when men reached the age of 20 on Shurakis they were immediately transported Earth in one of our many establishments.

Humans arriving at Earth would then be trained until 25, and the taken to the immense battle field of the desert. That was all of what remained of our planet, was a vast, barren desert of endless sand dunes because of the lack of water. The air we breathed was created by huge facility’s that generated man-made oxygen.

The credits we received were used to purchase weapons, vehicles and parts for our military, by using instant transporters we could electronically send credits to other planets light years away and instantly receive what was requested with the transporter.

Imperialists had also taken advantage of the underground water springs scattered across Earth, even though the people of Shurakis were unforgiving of themselves for buying water from the Imperialists, it was too important to pass up. Water was much needed for the estimated 20 billion humans on Shurakis.

The Imperialists had established several well hidden bases on the desert of Terra, Well concealed in canyons and cliffs. 2 of the Freedom Guard bases, Zeta and Lambda , had already fallen to Imperialist powers and were demolished and stripped clean of value, then claiming and nearby water springs we may have had.

Imperialists knew of the existence of Shurakis, and any human’s that were not killed in the taking of these bases, were restrained, interrogated and demanded of the location of our hidden planet where Earth’s population was kept. They never got any luck in getting information out of our prisoners of war, even tortured and brainwashed, never got any luck. It was during the five years of training of all new recruits that we had beaten it down on them never to tell Imperialists the location of Shurakis, reassuring them in doing so would mean that all of humanity would be lost forever due to the individual that had gave away the location of our sacred planet.

A large Freedom Guard outpost on Earth named Alpha was about to be subdued and ravaged to the relentless Imperialist attacks, it was Alpha’s darkest month. The Freedom Guard realizing they could not hold Alpha the Freedom Guard was now attempting to assault a recently discovered Imperialist base which contained their major airport. That base alone had caused all the damage to the Alpha base. It was discovered when a Technician of the Freedom Guard launched an untraceable tracking bug on one of its Recon ships. The undetectable virus was shot at nearly 2 times the speed of sound. To our surprise, the bug was discovered on the infected Recon ship soon after it was stopped, which was assumed to be where the Imperialist base was.

The Freedom Guard’s only hope of destroying the major threat that nearly destroyed base Alpha was going to send every weapon, soldier and piece of equipment they could spare to

eliminate the Imperialist base that was so well concealed ranging about 2,940 kilometers away. It was suicide, but the Freedom Guard had no other choice then to go full force on the front line of the Imperialist establishment.

If was now base Alpha’s darkest hour, all the troops have been getting ready to load on the Freedom Guard Transport Ships and assault the Imperialist base. It was now or never, either they sent all they had in a brave attempt that would more than likely fail and die with honor, or fall to the massive Imperial army and become slaves for the rest of their lives.