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This is where ill be storing old updates to keep the main page clean

Update 10-6-03
My new flash movie is out! Titled "Flint PCS" Click Flash Films in the menu and click on "Flint PCS" to watch it. I
also finished the GIF cartoon "Fortune Cookies"

Update 9-9-2003
Been a while since I Updated, something happend with Super Stick Bros. and it wont load anymore.
Anyway, I have added two more cartoons for the GIF section of the site , Blood Stick, and Russian Roulete

Update 8-15-2003
I am working on a much better flash film called Super Stick Bros, almost done. Ive deleted Ninja stick and
Sniper to make room for my new ones. I was very new with flash when i created those, so ill have new ones.

Update 7-14-2003
I've finished a Ninja stick Movie on Flash, It's and ready to view. its nearly 850K in size. So let it load, and hit
play when its finished loading

Update 7-11-2003
Well, I just grabbed myself a Flash Program, and am learning to use it, expect some flash cartoons sometime,
maybe even soon.

Update 7-9-2003
Great, I have a new Movie up in the movies section called Phony Block
Pro Skater (lots of sticks die). and my freind just animated his First Stick death cartoon, and its all uploaded.

Update 7-8-2003
Great, I have a new cartoon, its Stand up for sticks rights, Its in the GIF section. My friend
finally got his own Animation GIF editor, so he will be able to Contribute cartoons as well. This is pretty cool.

Update 7-7-2003
New! Cartoon, Its Hitler Must Die (HMD),I have set it up in the cartoon section, its about 550KB in size though
if you experience slow problems with it, wait for it to go through once, and try again.

Update 7-3-2003
I have Created a new cartoon, Its called NightStick, Its in the GIF section of this site and is ready to be viewed...

Update 6-23-2003
I have the new cartoon out! Its called Slugs (Spoof of Worms: Armeggedon), find it in the GIF section of the site.

Update 6-16-2003
I haven't updated in a while. This is because i have been on away, bored. Ninja Stick Tournaments is still in the ma-
king. I have added a new section for AIM Buddy icons. This is pretty neat. I will have plenty of buddy icon's in the
future. Look for some tonight even. That's it for now.

Update 5-24-2003
Today at the Mech's platoon, We will begin working on the Ninja Stick Tournament's, when it's completed it will be in
the movie's section, and I have added a New Guest book to this site. After completion of the movie, i will start more
on the collection of the Cartoons. Due to not having Front page enabled, my source was erased in the Gif's Section. It
will be down for a while.

Update 5-23-2003
I have a New Links Page and will add more links soon. I also have a new Pac-man game uploaded and ready to play.
Forget about the Mech Movie. Its 1/4 of a Meg a Frame. Its too big and will eat up my bandwidth like nothing.

Update 5-8-2003
Im Just about done with my first movie It will be here by the end of today. You can find it in the movie section and I've de-
signed a new Layout On The site with a new Black color. The mech battle will take a while. So maybe next week with that.

Update 5-4-2003
Finally The much awaited Ninja Stick 2 is now here. Enjoy I will Start the work on the Ten ways to kill a stick film Tom-

Update 5-3-2003
I have a couple of New Cartoons They are Cold day and Myhead. Ive made a Second page of cartoons simply because the
first was getting a bit big. And Im Planning on making a long film on ten ways to kill a stick, It will be here sometime soon. Im also
Planning on a Mech Battle. You should expect all of these within a week or so, Along with Ninja Stick2

Update 3-3-2003
Hi! I just finished the layout of this new site and put up a link to a GIF section. I have a couple of animations for you to watch. Go
check them out and come back here often for more updates.