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Stick Men's Platoon

I have moved here

Update September 12th 2004--------------------------
Nothing turned out right on the Red army Vs Black army movie.
I have also been busy with alot of school. I did add a miniature flash cartoon you can find here I am also working on "The Chase" Version 2______________________________________

Update May 27th 2004--------------------------
Yes, I have been slacking off on this site for awhile, and haven't been working my cartoons. I have been way to busy with other things, I will start working on them though, and finishing up
Red Army Vs Black Army Preview Trailer______________
Another RedVsBlack HoverCraft to the right

Update January 29th 2004------------------------
I have been completing a brand new layout for the entire site,
and a new flashmenu. I wont have anything new for a while though.
I have planned a RedVsBlack war seris.________________
Picture of RedVsBlack HoverCraft to the right

Recent Cartoon Additions To Site

Sniper ______________________

New Layout Since 1-28-04
January 28th 2004

StickDeaths in the making:

"The Chase"
Version 2


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