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THE END IS NIGH - Feburary 6, 2010
- Papercraft is a fun hobby and I still do it today, but these days I create my own boxhead people/creatures. Its been a good 6 years since I've done anything for my site and in the start of 2010, i've decide to cut ties with this site. I'll still leave it up, but no longer maintain or be able to help findiing models in which links are dead. I wish you all well in your future paper endeavours.

Thanks for your patience. Paper&Glue Creator - Phil

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PANDA Z CHOGOKIN!! - Janurary 19, 2005
- Went to the city the other day... and came back with some good stuff. I start from the bottom. Got the new spaceman Stikfa [he has a clear space helmet], got another SD Gundam kit [Freedom Gundam], got the first One Piece movie on DVD [haven't watched it yet], got the latest Dengeki Gamecube mag with another papercraft Pokemon character, got The King of the Braves: GaoGaiGar Final on DVD and FINALLY... THE PANDA Z CHOGOKIN!!! I don't think its one of the Bandai GX-XX numbered chogokins like the Unit03 Eva I got a month back, but its in all its diecast glory. Check out my all other Toys section for my review of him.

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FINALLY AN UPDATE!! - December 22, 2004
- Its been way too long. Since my last update. Almost 3 months in fact... Sorry. Well without further ado, I'll show you whats been "new".
Papermodels: Theres been many small models released but unfortunately no major ones. Theres a few new Hako-clones floating around (Devilman, Ironman, Batman, The Flash, Mazinga & a couple of his bad guys, Tetsujin28), A handful of new SD aircraft & the same guy who is making these aircraft has also started a range of robots called "Neko" (there are 3 so far) & a couple new "Yuuku robos" (looks like its based of web comic. Some girl in a mecha suit - see pic below). You'll find all the details for these in their corresponding sections.

There is a little bit of big news though. I got my hands on 2 issues of that japanese Gamecube magazine "Dengeki Gamecube". The December issue 2004 came with the 3 beginner Pokemon characters for the new Red/Green Pokemon game on GBA & the Janurary issue 2005 came with the Meowth character. I haven't yet scanned these models, but I intend to have them up on my yahoo group for the new year.
Toys: It was a big 3 months in toy robot news though! Mainly because I got my hands on my first Chogokin. Its Soul of Chogokin: Evangelion Unit03 (the black one), and damn its cool. Its a bit smaller than I expected, but I think the size is pretty good, that way I can fit more of them on my shelf :) A comic shop is importing a few of them early in the new year so I'm gonna try get my hands on a couple more. Away from SOC and into Gundam-land, I've got me some more SD gundams :) 4 to be precise (RX-178 Gundam MkII, Hyaku-shiki, Gundam Blitz & MS-06S ZakuII). What else? Ooo got me a GIANT Spiderman figurine which has 67 points of articulation!!! I'll review all this and maybe more in the corresponding toy sections.

Anything else? OOO how can I forget. I TURNED 21!!! YAY! It was awsome.. wish I can do it again. Speaking of birthdays I should tell you about my prezzies too. Lots of DVD's & books. This post has been a long one and a lot for yall to digest, so I'll post all my prezzie info along with info on any christmas prezzies in a few weeks time :)

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Kitties & EVIL BUTTON OF DEATH! - October 5, 2004
- I revisted a few sites last week and found a few little gems. The of which being these cute little box kitties. They are oval shaped cylinders with ears, paws & a tail, which ressembles the likes of a cat. There are a few colours to choose from, but my favourite would have to be the mixed up coloured one. For the creative ones, you could probably erase the colours of one of the cats & replace it with the colour of your own feline friend. You can find the link in my otherbox section.

- If you see a big bright yellow button with a skull on it & it is attached to something, what ever you do DON'T PUSH IT!... Of course its just made out of paper, but it sure looks good on some electrical appliances :) You can find it in my all other section.

- MORE SD AIRCRAFT! YAY! There are 2 new prop & 1 new jet engine planes. Don't ask me the name of them, but I think the 3rd one from the left is a Falcon?... The Stealth Bomber was not on the same site, but I included it here anyway. You can find the links in my other real section.

New CD's & SD Gundam's! - September 29, 2004
- I had a look at my site at my girlfriends place [damn broadband people ;P] & it wasn't just my computer behaving stupidly. What am I talking about? Well the images on my site. A large portoin of them don't usually load.. especially on the main page. So over a few weeks I'll be fiddling with a few things so that you can see it in all its glory :)

- New CD's huh! YEPPA! Lately I've been buying a new album every fortnight, if not every week :) So yeah take a look on the side to see whats blaring in my ears.

- I'm craving another SD Gundam model... They are sooo cool. I've been drooling over images of them in the past week or so & i've compiled a little collage of the ones that I'll be adding to my collection. You can find them in my Gundam Mecha section.

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Hako crazy & SD Strike Gundam - September 21, 2004
- Oh my god... it has been a month since I last posted.. Sorry. I've been a very busy boy, no thanks to my girlfriend ;P... Okay then lets get stuck into it...

- If you haven't already noticed Hako clone models have been popping up like daisies... Pretty much every week there is a new one out there. Here is a small list of my favourite ones, which I'll post links for next time. Godzilla & Ghidorah, Mr Bean, The Hulk, Ultraman, Gigantor (Testujin28) & Megaman! Thats just a few, hopefully there will be a couple more to add to this list soon. If your wondering why so many Hako clones are popping up? Well that genius of a modeller Mad Masamune put a Hako clone template up on his website to encourage other people to create their own blocky creations. So yeah download his template and start HAKO-ING!

- Went in town again last weekend and came home with a little gem. The SD Strike Gundam with Striker System. This little baby only stands at about 10cm and comes fully equiped with all 3 strike versions (Aile, Sword & Launcher). This is damn cool and hellishly cheaper than buying the fully fledged HG (High Grade) Strike version. This little baby only cost me $25AUS and the other SD gundams are cheaper again (just under $10). He also came with a little aircraft thing (which you can see a pic of in the Toy Gundam section) which can hold all Strike's gear. Check my Toy Gundam section for more of what I thought about it.

- Its been awhile since my last GBA game post (beginning of July to be exact) and there have been a few good releases since then. Advanced Guardian Heros, Megaman Zero 3, Pokemon Fire Red Version, Power Rangers - Dino Thunder & Zoids Legacy. I haven't played MMZ3 yet so you won't find a review of that or PR-DT, but come on 3 games is plenty for me to play at the momment :) You can find them in my GBA game review section.

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SD C-130 Hercules & Going Merry! - August 23, 2004
- Here is another brilliant SD aircraft to add to you collection... its the C-130 Hercules! I'm a huge fan of this jumbo as I had to study/draw/build the 4 prop piece of flying machine in my 3D animation I did a couple years ago... So yeah I will definately have to build this one :) You can find it in my Other Real section.

- Over the past month or so I've been brain washing myself by watching the One Piece animated series every afternoon when I get home from work. At the monmment nothing pleases me more than a One Piece related paper model... & that is 'Going Merry!'. Its the pirate ship of the wannabe pirate king Monkey D. Luffy & his small band of unusal characters! As a big fan of One Piece this is another model that I have to add to the list of things to build... YAY! You can find it in my All Other section.

- A little note regarding 'Going Merry' and the 'Samurai Pizza Cats Pizza Parlour' & all the other paper models created by Ninjatoes: Lycos closed his/her web account and now there is a new link. I hope this helps for yall that want to download GOING MERRY! YIPPA! Keep up the good work Ninjatoes!

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