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Peugeot 505 V6 Family Estate

Afer planning to repower our exsisting family wagon, I came across this one with all the work already done !!

This vehicle began life in 1990 as a 2 litre XN1 engined 'GR' spec wagon. It was repowered in 1999 with factory 505 V6 sedan engine, transmission, suspension, steering, vented front disc brakes and 15" alloys. The V6 dashboard and wiring loom were also transplanted, so it got other niceties like climate control, heated front seats, and tachometer.  After owning this for precislely one day, I can say it goes like a rocket and drinks like a fish.......utterly different driving from the 4 cylinder version running on the old 185/80/14 tyres !     It has the 2850cc 'Even-fire' PRV engine with Bosch LH-Jetronic fuel injection, and a ZF4HP22 automatic transmission. 

505 V6 wagon front view

505 V6 Wagon rear view 

Two photos of the engine bay for the mechanically minded :

Note the improved distributor position on the front of the passengers-side head, and the forward position of the engine.

Factory V6 1
Factory V6 2

The dashboard, unfortunately speedo and odometer is in mph ( sorry officer, but I was only doing 90 !!.)

Fuel gauge is sitting where it will always be - fast approaching empty.

V6 Dash

There's a list of small itme to attend to as expected - trip meter is frozen and just 'clicks', stiff drivers door lock, clock backlight, and kickdown cable adjustment (after all, do I really need 2nd gear & 4500rpm at 100km/h ?!)

More coming as time permits, especially underside photos ! 

Here is the two ol' girls alongside, November 30th 2003, a total of 16 seatbelts !!  This was a Wellington Peugeot Car Club grass gymkhana - the 4.95 metre long 505 wagon struggles to compete with little 205's !!

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Jason Morris