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Peugeot 504 Page

This vehicle was assembled here in New Zealand in 1971. My grandparents were its second owners, from 1974, and when they could no longer drive it, I then bought it in November 1998. When I got it it had only done 64500 miles ( 103000km ). Since then it has been our family's sole vehicle, and in the nearly five years to date we've already put another 32000m / 51000km on the clock. I've kept it original except discretely fitting central locking - great with getting small children into safety seats, especially in the winter !

This image pair is a 3D view. You can view it using the 'cross eye' method : 
1 : sit reasonably well back from your screen (try 500mm).
2 : Gradually begin to cross your eyes until you see the two images converge. 
       It is important to have your head level horizontally - I find it helpful to tilt my head to the left & right as I do the cross-eyeing check adjustment. 
3 : Keep the images converged until your brain 'fuses' them and allow your eyes to refocus. The image should then 'leap' into a 3D view.
4 : If you don't succeed, keep trying !!!

504 right eye.504 left eye

...or if you have Red/Blue glasses, you can view this anaglyph below :

504 red/blue glasses
This photo was processed with 'z-anaglyph' - fast, easy and free ! 
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Jason Morris