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NOTE: In order to view patent images, you'll need tiff viewing capability in your browser.   The compiler uses AlternaTiff's   free plug-in for Firefox, etc. and an Active-X control for Internet Explorer.   The U.S. Patent Office System Requirements for Viewing Images   explains things in some detail.

The compiler maintains a limited web site on behalf of the  Missouri Valley Wrench Club   (link opens in new window). Researching old tool patents led to a wider interest in patent history, and motivated the lists posted on this site.

The compiler (mvwcnews at welcomes "heads-up" notes about additional patents fitting within the scope of these three lists. Contact information is also posted on the Missouri Valley Wrench Club page noted above.   The compiler's "day job" is here.

Launched Jan. 12, 2005; last modified Nov. 11, 2009