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Deep in the heart of Yorkshire, England, THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION was created as an alternative to the greedy manipulative labels who exploit the metal scene and bands, by metal alchemist and mercenary Rich Walker. Our aim is, and always will be to promote the sounds of Classic heavy metal in all its forms, and the written word of such literary titans as H.P. Lovecraft , Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith

Over the past few years MISKATONIC has been slowly but surely creating a reputation as the most CULT label, specialising in bands that adhere to the tradition laid down by our METAL forefathers (IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, BROCAS HELM, CANDLEMASS, CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, PAGAN ALTAR, DESOLATION ANGELS, JUDAS PRIEST etc). MISKATONIC will never release music by bands who have no respect for the history of our beloved scene or who are only interested in the trappings of easy fame and commercial gain!

The roots of the label go back to 1996 when SOLSTICE guitarist Rich Walker decided to release a sampler of classic Doom metal. Eighteen months in the making, the "AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS" CD was a huge success and sold out quickly, the sampler showcased a wide selection of the then current Doom scene (SOLSTICE, REVELATION, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, WARNING, COLD MOURNING, MILLARCA etc). Thereafter followed the debut album by America's TWISTED TOWER DIRE, already a cult favourite on the underground metal scene, this was another success, proving that there was still a huge fan-base for raw and savage HEAVY METAL the way it was meant to be played, with passion and integrity! Later, MISKATONIC released crushing DOOM debuts by Germanys MIRROR OF DECEPTION, and England's controversial WARNING. In the last six months, the label has been pushing forward with the incredible second album from TWISTED TOWER DIRE and debut from Portugal's IRONSWORD plus a reissue of the debut album by America's THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG.

For the future, we will endeavour to expand upon our reputation as the world foremost CULT metal label, actively promoting ourselves, and the bands we have been honoured to work with. Expect only the HEAVIEST metal to be released by THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION, as we toil relentlessly deep within the vaults of the haunted manse we inhabit. Seeking, by arcane sources for the worlds finest METALCHEMIST's in order to unleash their HEAVY martial anthems upon you all!

Our aims are thus

    1) To promote and release classic metal be it Doom, speed, power, thrash or NWOBHM
    2) To treat bands who choose to work with us fairly and with respect
    3) To see the extermination of all the trends that plague the current metal scene
    4) To see metal music gain the respect it deserves as the choice of the mighty!
    5) To crush our enemies, drive them before us, and hear the lamentations of their women!

"Metal makes us strong" - MANOWAR

As ever some sort of thanks list is in order, I would like to give my sincere thanks and appreciation to the following who have helped spread the word of THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION…… My Wife Lucy and Son Kai for being there, Scott Waldrop and Jochen Fopp for tireless and never-ending help, Hermann Pahl & Andrea Schmidt for releasing our stuff on the hallowed format of vinyl, Sven Freller for abuse and arguments, Jurgen Hegewald for distribution, Angelo Tringali for trades and correspondence, Uncle Tom Phillips & WHILE HEAVEN WEPT for being a true brother in arms, Mike Scalzi & Greg Haa of SLOUGH FEG, Sascha Maurer, Martin Zellmer & Greedy Zulle of RITUAL STEEL, Double T, Massa Jim, Marc the shark & Evil eye Boyd of TWISTED TOWER DIRE, Perry "Weird" Grayson & Rob "Weirder" Preston, Gunner "Mighty tanks" Drescher and Siffi of MIRROR OF DECEPTION, Tann & IRONSWORD, Pat "Bert Hall Jr" Walker of WARNING, Sascha Glaeser for help in obtaining some great metal, not forgetting Helge & Hagen Pahl for driving us to hell and back!…………and of course Martin Hanford, Metal Kommando James Beattie, Sir John Hanslip, Karloff & Steve O'Malley for their graphical input!