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My Interests!

Math shapes and toolsSchool

My favorite subjects in school are math, and any type of business or computer class. I've been on the math bowl team four times since fourth grade and we won twice. My least favorite subject is english because I'm not good at thinking of things to write about as you will see on this site. SCHOOL IS COOL!

SportsSteeler's HelmetBasketball
My favorite sports to play are bowling and basketball. My favorite basketball team is the Philadelphia 76ers. I also like to watch football; my favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I'm mad because they were cheated out of going to the Super Bowl last year because of the bad refs. GO STEELERS!!!

Three Emperor Penguins

My all around favorite animal is the Emperor Penguin, at right, I just like everything about them. I wish it was possible to keep one as a pet in Florida without having to be a billionaire. My favorite type of pets are Dwarf Hamsters and Golden Retreivers.

747 Jumbo Jet

Career Interests
After college one of the many jobs I would love to have would be a pilot, either commercial or for the air force. I would also like to be a web designer or computer programmer.