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PART 1: General Facts

Many people consider a Gemini to be a social, yet an average partner in sex. However, Geminis can be just as sexually driven, if not more, than the sexual "extremists" such as Taurus, or even the sex-fanatic Scorpio. While not being as skilled as the others, a Gemini can be willing to attempt anything at least once. This includes bisexual and homosexual activity. The curiosity and physical expression of a Gemini can leave it open to new ideas.

However, trying new things too quickly can mean bad news for a Gemini. If a Gemini doesn't spread itself too thin trying to be involved in too many things at once, it should be able to maintain sexual virility all of it's life. After all, it is the sign of perpetual youthfulness. One very important fact the Gemini must realize is that in order to keep sexual interests at a satisfactory level is that it must maintain the concept of "variety" consistently. Try different times, different surroundings, new techniques, different music, different positions, etc. Your mind and thinking habits hold an important key to your sexuality.

Expression, while being a simple task for a Gemini, is very important. A Gemini should never be afraid to speak his/her mind.

PART 2: The Gemini Male

The Gemini male is very curious and would jump at the chance to engage in a threesome. While a threesome with two females sounds the best to a Gemini male, he would have no objection to attempting a threesome with a woman AND another man.

Of all of the zodiac signs, the Gemini male is the most self-conscious. He is the most likely to shave his pubic region, and will often masturbate more than any other sign as well. The Gemini male is also very open to new ideas and will try using different objects during sex or masturbation.

While clumsy at times, the Gemini male is very skilled with his hands. Generally, the Gemini male will make several mistakes with a sexual partner, but is a fast learner and never makes the same mistake twice.

PART 3: The Gemini Female

The Gemini female is as curious as the male, but has much more self-control. She is very seductive and is often known to tease the opposite sex. Gemini females are very beautiful and, like the male, are open-minded. She will explore her sexuality at a early age and experiment with other females. Threesomes, of any combination of male or female, are not uncommon for the female Gemini.

The Gemini female is extremely comfortable with her sexuality and is not afraid of new ideas, but is cautious when those opportunities are presented. Very flirtatious, the Gemini female must be entertained at all times. One day of boredom for a Gemini female could mean the end of a relationship.

PART 4: Compatibility

The most compatible sign for a Gemini is an Aries. Both have a similar way of thinking which can bring passion into a relationship. For a Gemini, Aries is the best choice.

However, Leo can also be a good choice for Gemini. The dynamic personality of the combination lets them always have something new to talk about.

While relationships with Saggitarius, Aquarius, and Libra are possible, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces and Virgo are all risky choices for a Gemini