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Mayan Economy

A big part of the Mayan economy was based on food and agriculture. Farmers acted as a big part of the economy since they're the ones that brought in food for the civilization. Farmers gave up portion's of each crop, or paid with other items such as salt, cloth, honey, fruit, and domestic animals to the government and also used them to buy and trade goods.

The most important crop aws corn, also known as "Maize" to the Mayans. It is believe that the Mayans depended heavily on the crop. To produce corn fields farmers used a technique called slash-and-burn. Farmers would choose a jungled area and burn as many trees as possible. This not only cleared trees but also further fertilized the soil for better corn to grow.Many other crops such as beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, chili peppers, aracados, tomatoes, and groves of fruit trees were planted as well. Breadfruit trees were planted in case the corn crop failed. Cacao and cotton were grown as cash crops, and were also used to trade.

Many domestic animals such as cows, pigs, goats, and chickens were unknown to Myans. The only animals they raised were turkeys, guniea pigs, ducks, and edible dogs. Bees were also raised to produce honey for themselves or for trade.

Mayans were Known to hunt animals such as deer and wild boar as game meat using dogs and clubs. Blow pipes and pellets made of clay were used to hunt birds. The Mayans also caught fishes.


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