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Robotics is a versatile field that can capture the imagination of people from around the world. Technics Logo is found in many homes and owned by all ages.

We are going to use Robolab software and equipment. Robolab uses the usual Lego pieces. You can build a model, and then use the XRT Brick to operate it.

It is important to realise that the use of Robotics is not just a classroom exercise. Robots are used to solve real-life problems. You can create a device which will roll around and flash lights, or you can give it a more meaningful task.

When you go to an underground carpark and the boom gate is raised or lowered, you are witnessing an Automated Manufacturing System. We can use Robotics kits in the classroom to simulate this exact feat! Visit the Robotics on the Web site to see other real-life examples of Robotics.

So, when you are completing the tasks in this course, keep in mind that each of them is a 'real-life' model. And remember, your final product must have real world relevance!

To begin, you are to complete the set of activities on the Class Tasks page. These are to be completed before you begin the group project.

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