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Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys!

Hello and welcome to Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys! This site houses my custom action figures, props, and other projects Iím working on. Let me define customization first. Quite simply, itís taking an available product and altering it with your own special touches and leaving your mark on it, sometimes turning it into something else entirely. Customizing action figures can kind of be compared to putting together your own car. You use available parts and add your own details of your choosing, shocks, struts, a particular motor, and then finishing it up with a unique paint job so everyone knows itís your unique vehicle. Thatís what we customizers do, we take figures and parts of figures, combine them, and make our own creations.

If you're interested in making your own custom figures or want to know how I do it, I have an assortment of guides near the bottom that provide some very useful information, tips, tricks, and a set up of the whole customizing hobby. Refer to them as often as you like, I'm here to lend my knowledge to anyone who needs it. You can always email me if you have a question or need some advice at

*EBay Auctions This Week*

New auctions start every Sunday night from 7-8pm Pacific! Make sure you check Monday night as well since I sometimes run a bit behind and new figures will pop up then too!

This week I have a Deadpool with Ninja-hoodie-tip as well as another Deadpool Belt Buckle! Don't miss em!

The Dangerous Toys Daily Spread!

Instead of updating my actual site every day, my LiveJournal here does that for me! You'll find my daily updates, whatever's happening around here, and other nifty tidbits. And best of all you can talk to me direct! You don't have to sign up to LiveJournal either, anyone can post. So step right up to the Daily Spread and tell me what's on your mind!

Custom Action Figures

The gallery of figures below are ones Iíve created recently in the last month or so. Theyíre either already sold or in my personal collection (like my Jin and Hayato) so itís not a list of figures for sale. Checking my EBay auctions is the only way of seeing what figures I have for sale this week. Sometimes I make extras, but usually theyíre one-of-a-kind. Checking the Custom Archives, you'll find the entire list of my customs, old or new! They're in alphabetical order and catogorized. Email me if it's an older figure you're looking at and want to know how I made it.

Customizer's Auction Sales on EBay (C.A.S.E.)

With so many cool customizers out there, and so many cool customs showing up on EBay... how does one keep track? How do you catch the figure you want before it disappears? I'll tell you how, C.A.S.E.! The Customizer's Auction Sales on EBay is a network that lists EBay auctions from many different Action Figure Customizers like myself, so anyone can easily browse through and find what custom action figures are being sold. CASE is available to anyone who sells their custom figures through ebay, and will be updated regularly with new names and new artists that make some of the coolest customs this side of the universe! You'll find auctions from all sorts of figures from Marvel, DC, video game, movies, and other media.

Cosplay Items

Akuma's Necklace Virindi Mask Maverick REV-6
X-Men Team Belt Buckle, Deadpool Belt Buckle and Utility Belt, Akuma's Necklace, Asheron's Call Virindi Mask, Maverick Handgun

Custom Magic the Gathering Cards (being updated, just Transformers MTG right now)

Transformers MTG Set

While I'd love to take commissions for custom figures, I just don't have the time to make them for everyone. Right now I'm only selling my custom figures through EBay, so check my auctions link at the top every week to see if there's a custom figure of mine you want to bid on. This is the best way I can play it fair to give everyone a chance at one of my pieces. Want to suggest a figure I should make? Want to critique my work? Got questions on how to customize something? Just drop me an email at I'm all ears!

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