Customizing Guide: Adding a ball-jointed neck to an action figure

Welcome to another one of my custom guides! Today we're going to add a ball joint neck to a basic Transformers figure. You can actually add a ball jointed neck to virtually any kind of action figure this way such as Marvel legends or DC Universe. Depending on your figure's neck peg and placement of it you may need to adjust your techniques. The ball joint kits we will be using today are the best I've worked with so far and come in grey or clear. I'm using the basic gray ones for this guide and they can be sanded, glued, and painted like normal plastic. Click the link below if you'd like to order some. Buy Ultimate Ball Joint Sets at Amazon

Ok, we ready to start? Grab your ball joints, dremel tool, your X-acto knife, some glue and epoxy, and of course your Transformers figure.

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