Custom War-Head, MotUC original custom character creation!

"Serving under Man-At-Arms in the Eternian Guard the valiant War-Head excels at piloting every combat vehicle in Castle Grayskull's battalion. From the Wind Raider to the Battle Ram, War-Head needed only touch a vehicle to become instantly attuned to its use. With this knowledge War-Head's skill in the battlefield against Skeletor is unmatched. Even without a vehicle to pilot War-Head's cannons can make short work of any threat that flies or rolls his way!"

Need a pilot for your Masters of the Universe vehicles? Then I give you War-Head, the know-it-all maverick of battle machines! War-Head was created using a Karatti body, heavily modded Photog head flipped upside down, hands from a Digimon Megagargomon, Galactic He-Man vest, and Dark Knight Returns lower legs.

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