Custom Marvel legends scale Armored Deadpool figure

When bullets start flying Deadpool is like an ammo-sponge getting himself shot up every time he's out doing his thing. Well not anymore! When the job requires the merc-with-a-mouth to be the merc-with-the-mechanical-muscles Deadpool dons his armored outfit equipped with everything he needs to keep his uniform intact. Ripped in half by the Juggernaut? Not this time! Blown to pieces by explosive barrels? That just tickles! Armored Deadpool was created by using a DC Collectibles Batman vs Superman body, One:12 collective Deadpool head, Genji hands, Titanfall pilot accessories/pouches/gear, and Samurai Spawn swords. The entire figure was weathered and detailed for a movie look and given a Liquitex varnish sealant.

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