Custom Skylanders Giants Undead Portal of Power

Ready for something completely different? Here's my first Elemental Portal of Power! This is the Xbox 360 Undead Portal of Power was created from a first gen Skylanders portal with the lighted side symbols. It works with both Skylanders and Skylanders Giants games and the new figures. The large skeletal hands that come from the bone wall are fully jointed and can hold Skylanders and items. There's two pillars to put items or figures on and a bone wall jutting up from the back. I added a custom sculpted Undead Symbol to the front and gave the whole thing a brand new black and purple paint job. Add some finishing touches like the skull piles and the Undead now have their very own portal!

I'll be doing all the different elements in their own portals and switching between PS3/Wii, Xbox 360, and maybe the small 3DS so keep checking back to my site!

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