Custom Skylanders Tech Element Portal of Power

Ready for something completely different? Here's another Elemental Portal of Power! This is the Ps3/Wii Tech Portal of Power was created from a first gen Skylanders portal. It works with both Skylanders and Skylanders Giants games and the new figures. I went with a Steampunk theme using Dr Dreadful base gears and various other fodder parts like metallic wings and real metal gears. Pipes and tubes jut from the sides and the wings fold up, the gear able to be stored on the side as well. Now Sprocket has somewhere to repair her tech creations!

I'll be doing all the different elements in their own portals and switching between PS3/Wii, Xbox 360. As with all my Skylanders they go up for auction on ebay the week they're made so please be sure to check out *My Ebay Auctions* this week to see what's available. Once they're sold, they're gone!

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