Custom Magic the Gathering Cards

Bah, I bet you were looking for images of all my custom magic cards eh? The bandwith used in people looking at these cards each day (over 90+ cards) is killing my site. I need to find an alternative to having them here, perhaps smaller images of them, or hosted on a custom magic card forum. Email me with any suggestions.

However... As you know I don't sell any more home made cards. But I do have the high-resolution jpeg images I used to make them! Want to own a CD with SCALE images of every card I've ever made? Blank card templates for all colors/artifacts/lands? All the card images are 1mb in jpeg format, 600pixels per inch, and they're scaled to print out exactly the same size as a normal magic card. I'm even including my templates for all five colors, artifacts, lands, etc. A twentyfive dollar ($25.00) dontaion in US funds gets you the CD that contains all 90+ card images. Just PayPal it to my email address at and make sure you give me your complete shipping address, zipcode and everything in the note box.

Here's some scaled-down versions of what they look like. Unfortunatly I can't host them all on here anymore, but you can get an idea of the exceptional quality and detail. The categories are from The Guyver, Lodoss War, Ninja Scroll, Vash the Stampede, Battlechasers, Transformers, Evangelion, Final Fantasy, DC Vertigo’s Sandman, Streetfighter, Marvel Comics, Movie Characters (such as Aliens, Ash from Army of Darkness, Bladerunner, etc), and my own Misc section that has cards like Can of Wupass, Volrath’s Hamster, Game Over, and more in it. If you think they look great now at this size, imagine how they look in 1mb format, then printed actual size!