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Jarrett's Page

entry 1: Welcome to my site, I 'ppreciate ya'll comin' out to visit. Here is a little info about myself. I am from East Tennessee (not to be confused with 'regular tennessee'). I am voting for George W. Bush-the President; you should to (unless you are educated about the views of both canidates then I don't care who you vote for). My favorite supercar is the McLaren F1, it is capable of driving upside down (due to the incredible downforce, sadly it cost over one million dollars). My favorite affordable supercar is a Ferrari 360 Modena (cost close to 200k and still a great supercar). My favorite realistic car is a BMW M3-the best car ever made-the ultimate driving machine. My favorite road is HWY 129 Deals Gap- 318 curves in 11 miles. My favorite architect is J. Bryant (thats My favorite building hasn't been built yet (i will build it) My favorite girl is the one I haven't met yet (or I have met her and don't know it). I will try to keep this site updated, but I don't really see that happening because the staff in the School of Architecture like to keep us really really busy.Thanks again for taking the time to view my site. I love ya all. Stay in the short grass. your pal, J. Bryant ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- entry 2: I have found a few minutes in my busy schedule to update my site, if ya wanna call another paragraph an update. I would like to get pictures and maybe a video and a message board so you all can talk back to me on here but A: I haven't figured out how yet and 2: I don't have time to figure it out C: I think it is going to cost money to buy more space 4: I don't want to spend money on this. ( a few of you caught the A..2..C..4 thing for those of you that didn't it's an inside joke and your not on the inside (i know my jokes are stupid but i happen to like them)). My new most Favorite car in the world just hit showrooms this fall, and I'm so excited I could spit. It is the Ferrari F430 that replaces the 360 that was previously a favorite of mine. More power, suspension that is illegal in F1 racing, and technology out the Wha Zooo (I've never had to spell that before I guess that is correct). Check out the link below that says Ferrari F430. Well I am about done with this semester of school-a few more test and I'm outta here. one and a half down 3 and a half semesters to go- for those of you who think I'm a horrible at math I do know that 1.5 and 3.5 equals 5 and I am seeking a Bachelor of Architecture which is a 5 year degree. Well I will try to update this again some time soon maybe with something a little more entertaining than a couple poorly written paragraphs about stuff you probably don't really care about. At any rate take'er easy and stay in the short grass. -j bryant

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