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~The REAL Reason...~ love Stargate SG-1!

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The Real Reason

For the full effect, turn it up LOUD!
17 MB ~ March 2005
MUSIC: The Rock Soundtrack edit (#1 - "Hummell Gets the Rockets" and #2 - "Rock House Jail")
AUTHOR: Jamieson
SPOILERS: There are clips from more than 25 episodes in this one, ranging from Children of the Gods to Moebius II (season 8 finale).
This one has been on my to-do list since December, after a short Trial Run for my friend's birthday. It surpassed all my hopes for it, I'm rather proud - it was just so much fun to do!! Definitely a favorite of mine.
Special thanks to Liz and Grant for their input in the beginning, and to Liz for her help in editing the music.
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This video was made for entertainment purposes and not for profit. Video clips are property of Stargate SG-1, MGM, and affiliates. The order in which these clips were placed, however, does belong to me, please ask before using any and all material for purposes other than personal viewing.

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